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Cordyceps mushroom is one of the stars of the Chinese tonic herbal system. Cultured Cordyceps is used to strengthen the body and mind at a fundamental level. Cultured Cordyceps is considered to be a Jing tonic of elite stature. Because it contains both Yin and Yang it can be used by anyone safely and over a long period of time. It is renowned as a life-reinforcing tonic and is said to build sexual and physical power, mental energy and to support the immune system of normal, healthy individuals. Cultured Cordyceps has no steroidal constituents but greatly supports performance and muscle maintaining and building capability of normal, healthy individuals. Cultured Cordyceps can help support the body’s healthy immune functions.

This cultured Cordyceps mycelium was tested for its constituents and has been compared to the component profile of wild Cordyceps, which is much more expensive and rare. The cultured Cordyceps has a component profile that is very favorable, even when compared to wild Cordyceps. Therefore, “cultured” Cordyceps is highly valued and widely used in tonic herbalism. Not all cultured Cordyceps is the same.

Many manufacturers produce cultured Cordyceps, but the resulting product can vary widely in terms of constituents and balance, based on a large number of variables, including variety of fungus used and the substrate (food material) used to produce the culture. Dragon Herbs has studied the matter deeply for over twenty years and has identified the highest quality, vegan cultured Cordyceps.

100 capsules. Dosage: 3 capsules 2 times per day.