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The root of Astragalus membranaceus, an herb that grows in northern China, has been used for over 2000 years to strengthen the body as a whole. Astragalus is believed by people of the Far East to support metabolic functions and strengthen muscle. One of the most important herbs in the world, Astragalus root has been recognized as a superb and potent tonic by modern researchers.

Astragalus is said to have an effect on the “surface” of the body. Astragalus promotes healthy skin. As an energizer, Astragalus is beneficial in particular to everyone, especially those who tend to be physically active and require abundant external energy. An important effect of Astragalus is in its ability to fortify the “Upright Qi,” which helps support our posture.

Dragon Herbs obtains premium grade raw Astragalus roots organically grown in a remote, non-polluted rural valley in Northern China where it has been grown for at least 1500 years and is regarded as a premium Di Tao source of Astragalus root. In 1996, Ron and Yanlin Teeguarden went on a mission to China specifically to find the best Astragalus root China has to offer, and with the guidance of Professor Wang Zhengtao (Editor in Chief of the Chinese Pharmacopeia), found it. Dragon Herbs Astragalus extract contains a full range of Astragalus saponins (astragalosides) and polysaccharides, as well as all the other constituents of Astragalus root.

100 capsules. Dosage: 3 capsules 2 times per day.