Strong Bones

Strong Bones

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Our skeleton is of primordial importance to our health. First, it provides a framework for our entire body. Secondly, it is a living tissue that plays key roles in our immune system, blood production and aging process. It is involved in our cardiovascular and metabolic functions because it is a mineral reservoir. It houses the bone marrow that maintains a lifetime supply of progenitor cells. It also houses our brain, spinal cord and central endocrine glands. It holds our teeth in place. The skeleton is both firm and flexible, as the bones form a strong structure and as the joints move flexibly within limits that allow us to live and perform freely and with joy upon this earth.

The Chinese, from the very beginning of their development as a civilization, recognized the deep importance of the skeleton. Early on they discovered herbs that provided support for the various tissues of the skeleton. Dragon Herbs Strong Bones is a combination of the herbs used for centuries in Asia to provide support to the bones and related tissues and functions.

Strong Bones is a premium formula for athletes, dancers and others who seek to maintain strong bone and connective tissue health. It can be used by those who are involved in strenuous activities and may wish to do all that they can to fortify the structure of the body. It is supportive for older people. The skeleton is more than just a supportive framework, it is highly functional and plays a key role in aging and health.

100 capsules. Dosage: 3 capsules 2 times per day.