How to use the Registration "Log in" box on our website

We have a "log in" box displayed on most pages of our website, located in the right side of each page. This is where you can create an account, create a username, change your password, etc.

Why create an account?User Registration
Visitors with active accounts can purchase and check-out easier because you don't have to enter your information each time you make a purchase. It also tracks your "reward" points that you earn on each purchase you make from our website.

Do I receive junk mail once I register?
We do not sell or use your personal information from your registration. We have an option on our website to receive a free newsletter if you request it. Subscribers are sent renewal notices when their subscriptions are due.

How to create an account:
On most pages of our website, you will see a login box in the right side. If you have not already registered, you can create a new account by clicking on the "create an account" link near the bottom of the form. This will take you to a form titled "User Registration". It is a standard website form where you define a username, email, and password for our website. To reduce spam, we include a simplified "captcha" of a math formula you need to answer. If the captcha is not clear, you can use the little wheel at the top of it to get a new formula.

Once all the fields are filled out, you will receive an email sent to the address you put in with a link you need to click to verify you are a real person with an active email. And once verified you can log into our website. If you are the only user, you might want to check the "Remember Me" box so you don't have to log in every time you visit.

I fill it out correctly but nothing works?
Back in 2019, we redesigned our website and lost some of our user accounts when we changed our internet hosting service. Since everything is encrypted and protected, we could not retrieve them. If you had an account prior to that and having problems logging in, you may need to create a new account with us. (see instructions above).

How to change your password:
If you forget or want to change your password, use the link at the bottom of the login form. You will receive an email with instructions on changing your password. Although our office cannot view your password, we can reset it manually if you are having problems doing it yourself. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call at 951-699-5343 to have it reset.

What if you forget your Username?
You can't change your username, but if you forgot it, you can use the link at the bottom of the login form to have it sent to you via email.

Can I purchase an item without having to create an account?Guest Checkout
Yes. When you choose to checkout, you will have an option to checkout as a guest, a registered user, or an option to register if you haven't. As a guest, you will need to fill out all the information needed for us to fulfill and ship your order each time because we do not store guest information in our database and guests do not accumulate "Reward" points to apply to future purchases.

Can I use a password that you sent me when I got a digital sample?
If you are a digital subscriber or received a sample digital issue from us, you received a special "access code" to enter a "digital library" section of our website. This is not the same as your website password. An "access code" is only used for viewing our digital issues.


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